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About IOL

Creative Commons is developing an Institute for Open Leadership to train new leaders in education, science, and public policy fields on the values and implementation of openness in licensing, policies, and practices. By training new leaders, connecting them to each other and helping them complete their first capstone open project in their institution, we will prepare them to guide emerging movements in open science, open education, open government, and open culture. These movements are using Creative Commons licenses to broaden public access to knowledge, data, culture, and research around the world, creating new opportunities for education, innovation, and creativity.

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The IOL draws inspiration from the successful EDUCAUSE weeklong leadership institutes3 Creative Commons will solicit applications for a competitive process to select a maximum of twenty participants each year for two years (Cohorts #1 and #2). Those selected must be rising stars in their institutions or fields. We plan to target persons who are mid-level managers and/or leaders who are not currently involved in the open movement, but who are moving toward leadership positions in their institutions or fields of work over the next 5-10 years. The selection criteria will include an evaluation of which candidates the committee estimates will have the highest impact when they return to their home institution / government. Part of that impact depends on the person, part on the support they receive from their institution, and part on their proposed project. For the first cohort of participants, Creative Commons and other Open Policy Network members will use the reach of our expansive networks to solicit applications from around the world and encourage high impact candidates to apply.

All applicants will be required to propose a capstone open project they will complete after attending the IOL. These projects must contain a strong open policy component and contribute to increasing openness within their institution and field. While we will target new people, we will also require a significant demonstration of prior accomplishment and an endorsement from applicants’ institutions/employers to confirm their ability to pursue and complete their proposed project. CC will host a pre-application webinar to explain the goals of the Institute, brainstorm open project ideas, and answer questions from prospective applicants.

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The first IOL cohort will attend the institute in July, 2014. Join the OPN discussion to get updates and find out more about IOL attendees.

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